On-Prem version not work with this App Dynamics 365 Business Central IOS

After this update App Dynamics 365 Business Central IOS

, we could no longer connect to the server for version 14 on premise. Worked prior to this app update.

Is this an app/extension you have created or? Or do you mean the BC app from app store?

I mean bc365 app from app store. I installed certificate on I Phone but can’t connect to the server

And you have tested that it works with a normal web browser also?

I test it, the web browser works fine.

The web browser from your phone or PC?

Using a web browser from phone and PC works fine except through App Dynamics 365 Business Central

And which kind of SLL certificate do you use?

I have configured SLL certificate by following the steps on the below link.


Please help me, thanks

We have the same issue. Partner said it was suppose to be fixed in the latest CU according to MS. Installed the Nov CU and its still broken!

We have same issue still after upgrade to 14.22, do you have some progress in this?

I edit “GlobalEndPoints” at file navsettings to use normally