On Hold use in CLE

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is in nav any restriction to a entry that has “On Hold” to value(yes/no) in cust ledger entry?
suppose i want to apply a payment to invoice that has “On Hold” to value(yes/no) then will it stop to go for it? so describe me use of “On Hold” field. how can i use it for best?

In practical scenerio how can i use this field.

please help me.

As I can recall the use of this field is here (if field contains any value):

*entry will not be used in Financials Charges
*entry will not be used in Reminders

  • and that’s it! I even made the effort to look a the online help: it says pretty much the same as mentioned.

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Kindly let me know is there any option to stop that Particular Invoice at the time of Payment?( when i write any thing in the field ON HOLD)

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What do you mean by “…stop that Particular Invoice at the time of Payment”?

You can post payments and apply to an entry “On hold” - as with entries not “On hold”.
If you want an entry not longer “On hold”, you have to remove the content from the field - manually.

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My Question is If i write any thing against one Invoice in the Field -On HOlD for example -Yes.

At the time of payment( when i receive the payment against invoice ) , system should stop that entry to adjust .

Please let ,me know.

This demands a code-change in Codeunit 12. But it will probably be a complex one as a payment will be applied according to [customer’s] Application Method and/or user’s use of direct application methods on the Gen. Journal (Applies-To-DocId and Applies-To-Id). If not applied afterwards…

I don’t have a “oven-ready” solution for you; but look into codeunit 12, function ApplyCustLedgerEntry - modifications most likely have to be done there.

The customer has sent you a payment and you want to refuse to process it? Why?

Thanks Annifur,

I will go through that one , if i have any doubt i will come back.

Thanks Adam,

Fir st the name it self making confuse , because it has thename On Hold in CLE .

so that , i want to use that field for the above purpose what i explained.

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Nope you did not state you wanted it for another reason, you said the above. You want to stop the processing of an inbound payment against an open invoice.

Annifur is correct from my memory, any automated process will ignore any entry on hold in the CLE.

Basically it is a reflection that the customer does not agree with your invoice, it is in dispute and therefore it should not form part of any automated process.