On Hold Status in Sales Order


Can anyone help me with this issue? I have various customer who are not over the credit limit, but the SO can’t be released and needs credit approval. The Credit Management tab shows “PD” for the On Hold status. I’m assuming that means Pending Decision, but are there other settings that come into play besides on the customer card?

Hi Vincent,

You should be looking for the approval configuration . Blocking of customer may be another approach…


Hi Vincent,

Check out the “Credit Management” (form 10009 or page 10011). In the “Sales Order Status” area. Field "On hold for a given SO…

Any values in the field “On Hold” will automatically block the order. In your case, it’s “PD” but could be anything like “123” or “ABC”. If you want to be able to release the order, clear the field value and you will be good to go…unless you are also using NAV’s approval process. In that case, the order status would be “Pending Approval”.

Let me know if it works!


Thanks for your help Jacques.

There are customer that are saying that they are not on hold, but if they are even $1 past due with a payment it will put the SO on hold until it is approved.

I understand a lot more now. Thanks