On Hand stock not considered for MRP


when I am trying to run MRP for FG item, system is not considering on-hand stock of my raw material item when I run my static plan. But when I run dynamic plan its working fine.

even I had created replica of dynamic plan called stest,.Even in that, on hand stock is not considered.

item setup are as below.

A- FG item- 0 (on hand stock)

B- Raw material 1 for a-0 (on hand stock)

C- raw material 2 for a-10 (on hand stock)

I raised sales order for item “A” of “10” Qty.

when I run my MRP with static plan, the output are as below.

A- planned output order-10 qty.

B- planned purchase order - 10 qty.

C- planned purchase order -10 qty.

Note: I am using R3.

can any help me in this regards


guru Sankar k.