On-Hand Quantity Showing on the IT Location for QQD- AX 2009

Hi Everyone,

I’m having this issue recently;

Two batches B62111 AND B80777 have -868 and 868 respectively on the On-Hand screen under location IT for QQD site. This two batch numbers were brough about by ITF 4576.

This two lines are showing as on-hand for these item in QQD-TGG. This two batch numbers should not appear on the screen since both offsets the other. This two transactions are related to ITF 4576 which happened last year .

We want to take out these two batch numbers showing on the On-Hand screen. Would you know how to fix this?

Please help me. what is the safe way to do so?

Thank you in advance.


What do you mean by this?

Adjust your stock: B62111 +868 and B80777-868. Then do not view the on hand by batch number and you will not see them.

How can I make adj on stock? please advise.

Transfer Order IT4576 history shows 868 shipped under Batch b80777

For some reason, the same quantity was posted in a different batch number B62111 instead of B80777


Look at an adjustment journal or a movement journal.