On a customer card how do you edit the field "Contact" ? I am using NAV 2013 R2

In Standard Customer Card you can edit Contact field. i think they customized this field as not editable. please check.

Hi Elizabeth

They might have changed the editable property to “No” for the “contact” field in the customer card . You should also check the variable “ContactEditable” in CAL Code if its fetching the value true or false. If its a test database you can change it to true and edit, But its not recommended to change any properties or code in the production environment unless you are authorized to do it.

The field is editable until the Customer’s Primary Contact No. is populated which either happens when you choose a contact from the list of related ones OR if one isn’t already set, typing a name into the Contact field will create a new Contact. Either way, once a Primary Contact No. is set, the Contact (name) field is locked and to change it you need to either choose a new Primary Contact with the field above Contact (name) in your photo, or if appropriate, edit the contact through Navigate, Related Contacts

  • and addding some more info: The creation of a new contact will only be done if
    1 Marketing Setup is present.
    2 Marketing Setup field “Bus. Relation Code for Customers” (fasttab Synchronization) do have a value.

Thank you! Out of interest I had tried disabling the automatic creation by removing the entry for the Contact No. Series but that didn’t work. I didn’t think to try removing the Bus. Relation Code for Customers field. I can see that could be a useful option for some as the whole Relationship Management structure can be a little overwhelming. You do then lose, or at least significantly restrict all the RM functionality though, yes? And you can not then have multiple contacts (directly, at least) for any Customer.