OMR - how to know number of pages in a Navision report

Has anybody implemented OMR for Navision (W1 2.60) invoices and/or statements ? Anything is greatly appreciated !

Any hints about what OMR is wouldbe much appreciated.

Thanks David,

OMR stands for Optical Mark Recognition.

I want to buy an envelop stuffer. This machine recognizes certain marks on the print outs (Invoices, Statements, Etc.).

There are different marks on a first ( or only) page, a page that is in the middle and the last page. This way the machine knows that when an invoice is more than one page, to wait until the last page and stuff everything into the same envelop.

So I need to know, before the first page prints, how many pages there will be so I can print the appropriate marks (just a line).

That helps a bit, really its not OMR info you need, actually, what you need is to know how many pages will be printedā€¦

Try this:

Tips: How to print page# n of m pages.

There are quite good machines nowdays for enveloping.

One of our clients bought this new machnie, that reads control lines at a certain columnposition in the papers. So we simply have to indicate in the Header section of a Invoice Layout that its a new Document, and in the Footer Section that its the last document of the envelope.

Workes like a charm from day one and envelopes 500-600 invoices each on 1 to 6 pages without any problems atall.

The customer used ot have this printer compined with enveloping and it was a lot of troubleā€¦

This solution is to first print the whole pach on a regular printer, then take the pack and put in hte envelop,postage machine.

You can also program the machine and put in a flyer or bonus checks or whatever into the envelopes aswell.