OLE Control or Automation Server Error

Hie guys, my question is almost similar to one asked here a few years back.

im getting :

This message is for C/AL Programmers:

Could not create an instance of the OLE control or Automation server identified by GUID={181E0F5D-D0C0-40E9-8620-2C1191CC00BC} 1.0:{BAD7EC8B-0E5B-4421-936E-F5AE2338BE32} UNknown Automation Server.Unknown Class.
Check that the OLE control or Automation server is correctly installed and registered…

when trying to receipt a POS invoice in Nav 2009


These guids are custom .com controls. Most probably on the computer you are runing NAV has not got these coms registered.

Need to get hold of the install packages and install them.

Dont ask what these are … very like custom to your company or your provider.