OLE Control/Automation Server error

I am receiving the above error when opening up a word attachment from within NAV, I know it means I will have to register an OLE/OCX, but can find no reference to what one I need. It is NAV 4.03 and Word 2007

Can anyone help



Hi Andrew,

If You google the GUID of the unknown automation, You’ll most likely find some articles that can tell You exactly wich component You need.

Hi Alexander,

Am having the same issue. Below is the error message and tried looking to google but couldn’t find one. Also am facing the issue in LS Retails POS, like when I login to the POS, do a transaction, or log out. Can you please let me know which controls do i need to register or find out whats missing.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

This message is for C/AL programmers:

Could not create an instance of the OLE control or Automation server identified by

GUID={C1CEAB86-EE58-4E18-9DC0-0FCE1F4E6935} 1.0:{D8EE9A24-3F9F-4E97-BBF6-1619B1B6A951}:Unknown Automation Server.Unknown Class.

Check that the OLE control or Automation server is correctly installed and registered.

Regards, Nikhiil

Contact your LS Retail partner. They have a tool box they can use to install the missing drivers.