ODBC with MS Access 2000

I am trying to link a table from the Navision character version into MS Access 2000. Here are the steps I followed in Access 2000: 1. Start a new Access file. 2. From the menu choose Insert…Table. 3. The “New Table” dialogue box pops up and I choose Link Table. 4. The “Link” dialogue box pops up and in the “Files of type” list box I choose ODBC Databases. 5. The “Select Data Source” dialogue box pops up and I choose the Navision ODBC datasource (we’ve called it LMADatabase). 6. The “Navision ODBC Login” dialogue box pops up and I signon (with my end-user name that has SuperUser rights). 7. The “Link Tables” dialogue box pops up and shows me a list of the Navision tables. I choose the table I want (the one I want is Sales Shipment Header). 8. I click OK. 9. I get the following error Access message: “Reserved error (-7756); there is no message for this error.” I encounter the same problem when I try to import a table. I get to the point where I can choose a table. I then choose the table, click OK, and get the error. Microsoft claims that error -7756 means that the driver does not meet ODBC specifications. Who can I go to to get help with this?