ODBC error occurred:Error:[Microsoft]ODBC SQL Server Driver]Login timeout expired

Hi All,

I got the error message when i open MS Dynamics Nav 2009 R2 (For RTC)…

The error message is below given :

Microsoft Dynamics NAV**

The following ODBC error occurred:Error:[Microsoft]ODBC SQL Server Driver]Login timeout expired State ID:HYT00

How to solve this issue?

Thanks In Advance…

Did you try this?


Yes…Mohana…But again i got the same error…

Just so you know I had the same issue for a customer today. The nav client could not connect to the database (with the database name entered) but it could ‘if the IP address was entered’.

This led us to beleive that NAV or the PC could not find the server by name, but it could by IP address, thus indicating that it could not resolve the DNS query or locate the DNS database which holds all database names and IP addresses.

We then checked the local PC’s TCP/IP confiugurations and they had (for this paritcular machine) a custom DNS public IP address whcih means that the PC would jump on to the internet to find its local database name ---- doesn’t make sense to me but it was wrong anyway. Changed it to obtain DNS server address automatically meaning it would look at its own network for a DNS server first before looking elsewhere. This resolved the issue in my case.

Dear TecMan,

How can I locate the local PC TCP/IP configurations on the particular machine am having similar problem. like to work around it to solve the issue am having with a client.



i have been able to solve the problem,

First the PREFFERED DNS SERVER ADDRESS(IP)of the client computer has to be configure with the Active directory server IP where the user are being created. the ALTERNATE DNS SERVER IP can be left empty. The system is then restarted. With these done you can log in on dynamics classic 2009 R2 using the window login but the server address has to be the IP ADDRESS and not the server name.

Secondly you can login into Role Tailor using the SERVER NAME and not the IP address NAVSERV/DynamicsNAV rather than because of the configuration of the client computer PREFFERED DNS SERVER 'ADDRESS(IP)of the client computer with the Active directory server IP Address.