ODBC Cursor Library Error?

Hi all… I am linking to Navision via ODBC, here is the connection string: [BSDB] connectstring=DSN=ARP-SAC-TST;PPath=C:\Program Files\Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision\Client;TP=C:\temp;CSF=Yes; Database=arp-sac-tst\database.fdb; CN=“ARP - Test ***”;UID=SCS;PWD=scs;CS=100;OPT=Text;QTYesNo=Yes;QT=200;IT=All Characters;RO=No;CC=Yes;BE=No I can connect and pull data from the database just fine…but I cannot insert any data into Navision. The error I get is: “Run Time Error ‘4002’: S1C00:[Microsoft][ODBC Cursor Library]Cursor Library not Capable” The program I am using to link to Navision is a custom program for the corrugated industry. It will not work from Access as well. I have disabled read only on the DSN and in the connection string above…but I still cannot update the table in Navision. I am also logged in as a super user…so access rights should not be an issue. Thanks, Joe Poteet

Sounds like your program is trying to do an insert using a cursor, which is not supported by C/ODBC.