ODBC Connection

Hi, I have done an ODBC Connection to a local database without any problem. But I am not able to do this to server database that, of course, is the important one. Could you tell me which the exact information that i have to fill in: *server name *net type *database name I have done several tries and always i get a sandclock and nothing else … Thanks in advance Carlos

Give The Data Source A Name; EX. NAV DATA Connection: SERVER Server Name: NAVSERVER (or whatever yours might be) Net Type: TCP Click the Company Button. It should give you a C/ODBC Company box with a choice of a company. If not your not connected to the server or you have the wrong server name. Make sure your c/odbc is the same version and do you have a license to use c/odbc?

Thanks HR. I still haven’t solved the problem. How should i fill the database name field? I supose that my c/odbc is the same version that the database because i got both from the same cd. And i think too that i have a license to use c/odbc, because i can use c/odbc with a local database. Happy Christmas!!


I give you a sample of ODBC connection string ODBC;DRIVER={C/ODBC 32 bit}; SNAME=NAVSERVER;NType=TCP;Database=NAVISION;DBQ=NAVISION;PPath=C:\Program Files\Navision Attain\Client;CN=MYCOMPANY;UID=ODBC;PWD=54AKZ48;OPT=Integer;RD=No; Parameters : SNAME = <server_name> NType (Network Type) = TCP (TCP for TCP/IP networks, NETB for NetBios) Database = <name_of_service> (attention, it’s the name of the service installed on server and not the fdb file name installed on server) (i think that DBQ is not necessary, but you can set it at same value as database) CSF=Yes (Must be set on Yes for client/server environnement, No is for standalone install.) CN=<name_of_company> UID= (the user must have all permissions) PWD=<user_password> See also the w1w1codbc.pdf manuel (on Navision CD) Have a nice year