OCX Custom Controls

Hi, I created custom control to use in Navision. We have 50 workstations, should I install and register the custom control for each station? Is possible to do it on the server? We have old 2.6 Navision based on native database. Thank you, 2306644

Yes, it is necessary to install the OCX on all workstations… but there is a possibility to have this achieved automatically with Navision, as registering the OCX can be done with a simple SHELL statement, have a look at the following example: http://www.mibuso.com/howtoinfo.asp?FileID=5 Saludos Nils

You can use window login scripts (batch file) to copy the ocx t the client when they login and register the component. Out of curiosity … what does your control do? -john

Hello, I have always try to have the OCX on the server. So that all user are pointing to the same place. (Even Citrix installations.) But If you have an OCX wrapper to a thired party dll then some times you need to have both OCX and dll’s in the fin.exe directory.(Dont know why this is, but its the only way to get the thing working). Some one here gave me a good tip, perfrom all comunication to OCX through a code unit. Regards