Object Protected


Partner has Protected the customized object i.e 50000 series, on each triggers it just shows protected instead of actual code.

They do that so that we always rely on them, is there any way to open this protection somehow. I am sure this is been saved somewhere in SQL.



Did you check this post


Your partner actually hide the code using some tools which means they want foe every small request they have to report to them and they will charge for it

This is completely illegal and partner can not protect/block the code of base standard navision. If they have there special add on or functionality then they can use separate object no series which is not accessible by other partner license.

Sue the partner or report it to Microsoft …


Thanks for the Reply Mohana & Amol.

They have not protected the base code as that is illegal, what they have done is just protected the additional customization done with 50000 series objects, Microsoft does have any set policy regarding the protection of 50000 series. They say some partners do so.

Hence need to know if there is any way out to unprotect it.



This means they have design their special add on /functionality for your company using this object series .

There is only one option for the same that restoring the old sql backup on another server and then you can check the code if it available.

But not sure when they did this protection of code so you don’t have option but you have to contact them for every tit & bits

Microsoft doesn’t have any policy like this because as per Microsoft you need to develop your add on using different no series and register it to Microsoft.

As per my knowledge partner can not develop the functionality using 50000 series object.

It is NOT ILLEGAL to for a partner to protect any objects outside the standard system. You can even specify if the object is to be protect when you configure the objects with Microsoft. The 50000…99999 series of object numbers are so-called Customer Objects, which can be used by the customer and partners to create customer solutions and can be protect just like any add-on solution.

But personally in my 22 years history working with Navision I have NEVER seen anyone protect objects in this range. These numbers are supposed to be for customer solutions and should not be protect. If a partner has something they want to protect they should create an add-on.

I’m just not sure that the way of protection is the standard. If you’re able to open the object and it just shows “Protect Code” or something similar, then it looks like something I saw a few years ago. A company had created a solution which on the binary “FOB file” level removed the actual source code from the objects only leaving the “Protected code” message and the compiled code in the file. It imports and runs fine, but you’re not able to edit nor recompile the objects.

In my mind one of the most beautiful things with Dynamics NAV is that you can always find a different partner if you are not longer happy with the one you have. And they would be able to support you and make sure that you system can continue to run without problems.

I would stay far away from any partners or ISV/add-on developers who would use such “gangster methods” [;)] to try to keep their customers “locked” to them!

If you as a customer has ended up in a situation where you no longer wants to work with a partner and they have protect parts of or all the customized objects, then I’ll suggest that you start by contacting the partner and ask them to open the objects. Maybe the partner has specified in their contract that the IP for anything they have developed belongs to them and that you’re not allowed to change it. And if you want them to “re-open” the objects they will most likely ask you to pay them for this. Then hopefully the price you paid was according low!

If they refuse and it’s very important for you to be able to customize the object, then first try to contact Microsoft in your country and if that doesn’t help contact a lawyer.

Hi Erik,

Thanks for the reply.

We resolved the issue by taking the open objects from the backup, yes we lost some work done by the partner, but that doesnt matter, it is good to show them the door now or else rely on them forever. We are in a process of changing the partner now.

Thanks everyone for all the feedback and support.

By bringing such issues to the forum, people will atleast know that some partners are using such tactics .



Hi John,

Yes bringing this “bad manors” of some partners into the light is good, as other users then become aware of that they might a potential problem. Did you also contact Microsoft about this, if not, then I’ll suggest that you send their Dynamics NAV channel manager a letter explaining this whole situation. If this partner is working this way other customers, then they should look into this.

But thanks for sharing.