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If i do not have the object manager in admin. how can i renumber objects before export?

Hi Sean ,

do you mean export import ?

Also object manager = object designer ?

How would you export w/o object designer?


I am trying to renumber some objects before i export them. This has been a massive head ache… basically i downloaded a .fob that has the object numbers the same as some that i already have … so i have imported the .fob in to a trash nav db and i was going to renumber them before i exported them back out to put them in to the live nav database… I am trying to renumber tables/forms before the export



Object Manager Advanced is a tool that you have to buy in order to use.

This tool is meant for developers in NAV solution centers more than end users

The difference in renumbering an object in Object Manager compared to Object designer is that Object Manager not only renumber the object it is renumbering, it also goes through all other objects in the system changing the refernces pointing to the old object number to point to the new object number. However you most certaintly need to have a developers license to be able to run this since it will try to export and import txt files of NAV objects in range that customer license is not allowed to do so.

In The Object Designer you can click on a object id and then push F2 and then write new number and then leave the line and then the object is renumbered. However make sure that all objects you renumber compiles afterwards since if a form is pointed out from a table and you renumber the form the table will not compile. (You can compile by pushing F11 either on one line in Object Designer or for many objects after selecting them first)

If you open the object with Design first and then push F11 (Compile) you hopefulle get to the place where the old number is used and then you can perhaps change to new one to get it to work yourself. Though be prepared that most customer licenses do not have permission to change all object types.

I would however strongly recommend you to get help by a developer form solution center that have a developers license to do this It will save tons of time for you.

Good Luck


AH it doesnt look like my license will let me renumber… I clicked f2 renumbered it and said yes rename and it said i do not have permission

As I recall, a customer license allows to renumber in 50000 to 99999 range assuming you have the numbers you go between is in the license. However it could be that you cannot renumber for example codeunits and tables with customer license. (For example if you have reports 50000 to 50099 in your license you could renumber report 50000 to 50010 but not to 50100 since 50100 is not in your license)

It is possible to buy granules for customer license to be able to do all development but it is a huge license cost to do so. Most customers buy the more affordable parts where it is allowed to change reports and forms.


The part that you don’t have permission for is the target object number (which I predicted in your other topic by the way http://dynamicsuser.net/forums/t/45212.aspx). As long as the target object number is within your license range, you should be able to renumber an object.