Object (Form, Report ....) versions (SOLVED)

Hello everybody i wandering if there’s a system table or a way to get object information when executing the code I use navision 2.60 I mean, for example in a report i want to know this report last date of modification and so on ?? (information that we can see in the object designer) Regards LG

… of course there is: Table 2000000001 Object Saludos Nils

ok, i saw this table thank you but my problem is how to retrieve an information (id ???) to link my running object to this table so i can retrieve other stuff like version date … is there a function in a report, form that tell me what is its id? What i want to do (example) : In a running report (report name : test and id 50202) i want to get this report’s id, so during the code, i can retrieve information about that report and use it to display or work with. (like displaying the last date of modification on the report request form and so on) regards LG

LG, The function CurrReport.OBJECTID(FALSE) will give you a string “Report xxx”. Get the objectid by using DELCHR(CurrReport.OBJECTID(FALSE), ‘<>’, 'Report '). You need to define a global recObject and use objectid to filter recObject. Put the code for filtering in OnPreReport(). And then for example put recObject.Date in the SourceExpr (properties) of a textbox in a section. CurrReport.OBJECTID(FALSE) will NOT work if you run the report using Ctrl+R in design-mode.


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Originally posted by GeoffreyLimea - 2005 Jul 13 : 09:15:04

Yes, there is:EVALUATE( IntObjID, COPYSTR( CurrReport.OBJECTID(FALSE),STRPOS('REPORT ') + 1));With this, you can get the object information from the object table:Object.GET(Object.Type::Report,'',IntObjID);

ok i see how to do thanks but are you sure that this function exist in navision 2.60 in the symbol menu (F5) with CurrReport i don’t have this function thanks

[:I] Oops… CurrReport.OBJECTID isn’t available in 2.60… Sorry. It’s available from 3.0 (http://www.mbsonline.org/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=1670&SearchTerms=CurrReport.OBJECTID)

anyone have another idea ?? thanks

You could of course program: Object.GET(Object.Type::Report,'','50202');

thanks Tino Ruijs :wink: it work as i want with the get method