Object designer access in MSD NAV Demo ("Cronus Int'l Ltd")

My company (a start-up company) decided to use (but not yet signed the contract) MS Dynamics NAV as its ERP system. The potential partner has installed a DEMO (“Cronus Int’l Ltd”) on one of the laptop for us to have a feel of the ERP system. I tried to do some trial customization on the “Fixed Asset Card” so I click “Tools” → “Object Designer” → “FA Setup” (Table ID 5603) → “Design”. Then, a message box pops up and I don’t have permission to read the “FA Setup” Table.

I tried to create another company in the same database, and the error still persists. Even if I create a new database, I still cannot read the standard Table like “User”.

Does anyone whether I can get the access right for the “Table” in MS Dynamics NAV? I want to see whether the customization (having 2 depreciation methods for fixed assets. The depreciation for accounting is interfaced to general ledger while the depreciation for tax will not. I will get the report for the tax depn for my tax computation purpose) is feasible in MS Dynamics before telling my boss to sign the official contract.

Thanks a lot in advance for your advice.

check what roles your user id is assigned with…the error “you dont have permission…” is mostly due to it. Changing / create new company will not solve this.

For customization, you need to sit down with the partner and work for it.

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Your partner has provided you demo database with Cronus company, in whcih most probably license will be DEMO license of cronus company.You can check your license from within Navision, go to Tools>> License Information and see if the company name has Cronus in it.

If it is Cronus license, then it has certain limitation like you can’t create new objects(tables, forms, reports, codeunit etc.) and mainly you can do just data entry (that too with a posting date limit in Oct, November, december).


I can only add, that for FA accounting you described (having more then one deprec methods - as many as you wish, not only 2) no customisation is needad at all.
This functionality comes “out of box”.