Object already published in extension error for newly created objects

Hello Experts,

I have created a new page with id (50XXX) name “Posted inv XYZ” published the extension and it went well. Now I want to call that page using some action event so I did some modification in existing page using page extension and try to call the newly created page.

It is now throwing an error message that “An Application object of type Page with name “Posted inv…ABC” already declared by extension Default Publisher” when I am trying to call that page using run object property.



  1. Why it is throwing error even the page is newly created and id is not used anywhere else?

  2. What will be the root cause? How can I fix this?

Any suggestion?

Thank you

First try to find out of the error is correct. Meaning are you absolutely sure you do not have an object with the same name?

When you are sure, then try to restart VSCode. I often see that the AL Extension is giving false warnings, and most of the times, then these warnings goes away once you have restarted VSCode.

Hi Erik,

Thank you so much for prompt response. I am absolutely sure that there is no other objects with same name and ID. I will give a try for your second thought and update you.

However just curios is it something related to that I publish the object first when I created now I want to call that page using some action?

I just closed the project, restart VS code now the error is gone.

Thank you [emoticon:c4563cd7d5574777a71c318021cbbcc8]

Happy that it helped you. Even though the AL VSCode extension has some years on its back by now, then remember it’s a Microsoft product → REBOOT - or in this case just restart VSCode… [emoticon:4191f5ee34e248a29fa0dbe8d975f74a]