Number Sequence Issue

Hi to all;

Anybody can help me in estimating the below case:

Although the Journal Number of the Fixed Assets Disposal is Continuous (in the Number Sequence Form, the Clean up Check box is checked also), the Past Numbers are repeated now and this prevents the posting of the new Journals.

The error is: Journal Number JR0992 already used starting from 30/6/2010.

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Mourad Shkour

This doesn’t sounds like a standard error - check any changes are done to the application in this aspect.

You cannot specify journal number sequence - for a type of journal - the journal number is common for all type of journals - it is voucher sequence you can specify for every journal name and journal type.


The problem is that the system is using journal numbers which already used before although the journal number is continuous and the clean-up parameter is checked.

note that: there is no any customizations are done, could it be a matter of network connection?

please advice.


What is the next number in the number sequence.If it shows the number that is already used try by changing the next number manually - by finding the last used number in the system.( which generally wont occur)

Before doing it even run the clean up manually.

Let me check, I will come back to you,

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