NSC in Poland

Hi all! Can anyone RECOMMEND a NSC in Poland? Or tell me which one to avoid? Need one - maybe? - for a partly international Project (SCM, Financials, Logistics, etc. in MBS Attain) … Please post good and also bad experiences! Thanx in advance & best regards, Jörg

Nothing? I know there are NSC (sorry, I prefer to use the old expression) in Poland … so their employes don’t read MBSUG? No recommendation? No warning? So we have to “jump into the cold water” … [:(] Regards, Jörg

Hello Joerg


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… No recommendation? No warning? …

There was a thread recently with some opinions about a German NSC. Most of the users said this forum is not right place to discuss recommendations for or warnings about NCS’s. Perhaps this is the reason you don’t get an answer. bye André

Hi Joerg, You’ll find a complete list here: http://www.navision.com/pl/view.asp?categoryID=387 I don’t know any of them, so I cannot recommend any of them.

Hi! I still agree, that MBSUG is not the right place to discuss trouble with NSC in detail (maybe others don’t agree [}:)]) A simple “Yes” or “No” is allways wellcome … what are usergroups for, if to to post an opinion!? Well, of course a recommendation is always prefered, than a warning … What I hoped to get here was something like that “Our NSC was …, we had good experience” Bad luck … Regards, Jörg

Hi Jorg,

I know you posted some time ago. We are planning to roll out Navision to our Company in Poland and are looking for a company in Poland to support them - Microsoft gave me an email address but they do not reply. Any recommendations or otherwise please or suggestions where I may look for one.




Hi Alison,

wow, that posting is really pretty old - the project was finished long time ago, I hardly can remember … (actually I don’t even work for this company anymore) …

Well, yes, we found a Dynamics partner in Warsaw, but as I cannot really recommend them I don’t post any names here …

Maybe you could contact “Partner Power International” - they are doing lots of multinantional projects and may have some recommendation!?!
See http://www.partnerpower.biz/


I have only heard good things about MBS Partners (http://www.mbs-partners.com/) - try to give the Dane Jacob Steen Jensen (CEO) a call.