Novice help needed!!!!

I just got a demo CD with Axapta 3.0 and setup default data and demo data successfully. All works ok: client (thin & fat), server, web deploy, enterprise portal, etc. How can I run MorphX??? Menu items in File… all below Company are disabled. When i run client in 2-tier mode, the window title of Axapta client contains [SQLSRV - AXDB (demo mode)]. WHAT CAN I DO???

This is because you are running a demo. You have no license to use the full product.

No, my version is time-limited full-functional. I have licenses for MorphX, but i don’t know, how to run it.

You need to run the Application Object Tree (AOT). There is an icon on the toolbar for this. Can you run the AOT or is it greyed out? With version 3.0 if you have a license for MorphX you have rights to everything, but you cannot change classes unless you also have a license for X++. If you can run the AOT but it does not display any classes try going into company DAT.

hi Nikolay, you need to have the License for AOT – that is development license which will allow you to access the AOT. If you company is partner for Axapta then your company must have received or will be receiving the Axapta Developer license. Please check with your local microsoft business office for the status. regards Vaibhav

Thank you all! Topic closed.