Notification on managerial hierarchy on workflow completion

How can i set notification on managerial hierarchy on the completion of workflow?

SalmanHafeezm, I moved your question from an unrelated thread and set the title and tags. But it’s up to you to explain your problem in detail.


I just want to know how can i set notification on managerial hierarchy in workflow ax 2012 ?

Hi Salman,

When you are in the actual workflow itself, you can set notifications on each workflow process you have created.

You can select a workflow user - someone who is associated with the workflow, you can select another recipient (as you can see, I am selected to receive notifications on Escalate even though I have nothing to do with the workflow), and you can even designate the notification text you’d like to send.

Let me know if this answers your questions. It works. I get escalation notifications constantly.

Thanks for response Kelly,

I got it but if i have set managerial hierarchy in workflow approval then upon notification how would i know which user is exist in hierarchy of submitter. How will i send them a notification.

Welcome to the party, Kelly!

Hi Salman,

I don’t know what kind of hierarchy you speak of. Are you talking about hierarchy in Human resources - like positional hierarchy? There doesn’t seem to be a way to do this in workflow. If you know the user it is supposed to go to, I recommend setting it up like I suggested.

If that is not going to work for you, another option would be to set up User groups to alert certain users within that group that a workflow is completed. You can set up user groups under System Administration > Common > Users > User groups in AX 2012 and add the users there as well.


Hey Salman,

Are you trying to alert the person that has an active task they need to complete, or are you looking to alert someone else in their hierarchy.

Hi Salman,

Unfortunately in AX 2012 (and D3FO currently) it is not possible to send a completion notification to a user based on a managerial hierarchy. As you can see from this screen shot, the only providers that you can select from are the Participant (supports security roles and user groups), Workflow user (supports workflow owner and workflow originator), and User which supports a specific user. A developer could add a participant provider; however, this would be somewhat complex to implement. Another option from a development standpoint is to add a automated task that sends the email based on whoever approved the workflow. This too could be complex as there could be multiple approvers and so on.