Nothing to Handle error when Creating Pick at Warehouse Shipment

Hi experts!

I am using the NAV 2017 demo environment to create pick on a Warehouse Shipment. There are 35 items in the shipment line but I could only pick 4. When I tried to create pick for the rest of items, a “Nothing to Handle” error showed up.

I am using Yellow location and bin is not used in this location. Also, Item Tracking is not used. I don’t have other documents using this item other than the original Sales Order.

I then looked up Item by Location, and there were 35 items showed in the Yellow location, originating from Transfer Receipt, so I thought there should be 35 items available to use. But why am I receiving this Nothing to Handle error?

I would appreciate any ideas, comments, or advice!!


For this error check your Item inventory is reserved some where like in whse.phy.inv. journal.
also don’t forget to check your Bin content lists in line level id it is empty then system will throw this error.

Best solution to this message is to buy a copy of one of the Harry Potter books and read it and learn how to wave wands and perform magic.

This error is complete and utter nonsense and has been since it first came to Navision back in ver 2.60. Unless you have a very detailed knowledge of your Navision setup and know exactly what your items and warehouse structure is. In the clasic client you can use Ctrl+F8, you can open multiple windows (IL) Warehouse Entry, Sales Line Whse Line Purchase lines etc on screen at once, and with filters you can generally find what you are after, but in RTC this ability has gone.

The best you can do is to create a page that has all the needed data on one page. with drill downs so the user can try to figure out where the “missing” items are allocated.