Dear Folks,

I need to upload some data (Comments) for each item, I want to upload at one shot for all items for every item contains different comments I am using NAV 2013.

Simply I want to use characters more than 250. So kindly suggest a best solution for this I can create a table and a page for this but it is not justifying the 250 above char I need to come to second line again.

I would like to use the Notes section but I am unable to upload at one shot.

Many thanks in advance…

Not sure if you referring to Record link notes or Comments for Item. If its comments it’s pretty straight forward, you can write a XML port to upload the notes into Comment line table based on the Item no. but if you are referring to record link table then you have to store the notes in blob field and then write it into record link table, its time consuming and little bit complicated, there are many blogs out there that tell you how to store text to blob field and then write it to the record link table.