Not including a value when creating a report in Ax 3.0

Hi all, Thanks in advance for your help.

I am currently creating a report to show what equipment all customers have purchased. I have set out the query to reflect the report, in our cust table we have 2 fields, one indicating the customer no longer needs the equipment and the second field indicating the customer has left us. These are two base enums where 0 = No and 1 = Yes.

Upon running my report I want to select no longer need the equipment as 0 OR the customer left us field as 0. However in designing the query I can only select no longer needing the equipment as 0 AND the customer has left us field as 0. How do I design the query so the report so that will ommit if the customer no longer needed field is ticked (=1) OR the customer has left us field is ticked (=1)?

Let me know what you think, or if you need clarifications

Nik M

Hi Nik

I’m not sure I understand you correct but the syntax for OR is:

while select smotheing from custTable where custTable.CustNoLongerNeed == 0 || custTable.NoLongerWithUs == 0
do something

Let me know if this is what you mean

Hi Nik,
I think, earlier, some one else is also posted the same question here.

If I understand ur problem correctly, U can do something like this.

public void executeQuery()
str queryString;
queryString = ‘(condition1 = NoYes::No) || (condition2 = NoYes::No)’;
this.query().dataSourceTable(tableNum(TestTable)).addRange(fieldNum(TestTable, condition1)).value(queryString);

Do some modifications in that, and I hope you will do that, what u required…
Hope it will help you out…