Not able to select legal entity for bank positive pay file


I am working inon Ax 2012 R2.

I have legal entity called GTG. In this legal entity when I go for cash and bank management and select particular bank account

–>Then manage payments tab–>positive pay file button.

it will open below dialog box.


Here I can see company as “VGT” but actual legal entity is GTG.when I right click and go for view details it is showing as GTG only, but I can see it as VGT here in the dialog.there is no legal entity called VGT.

I want current company in the dialog so that I can generate proper positive pay file.otherwise it is giving the empty out positive pay file.

Kindly suggest any Idea how this value (VGT) populating even if there is no legal entity called VGT.



Are you using the virtual company? Are you bank accounts shared across the companies?
It takes the value from current bankAccountTable.DataAreaId.

You cannot edit the company, when it called from the bank account.

There is an option in periodic, where you can run the same by selecting the company.

Thanks Kranthi… got it…

The reason is bank account is shared across the companies…