Not able to open the SSRS report, After adding reports to VCS

Dear All,

We added the add customisation objects to the VCS. After that i am not able to open the SSRS report.

When i try open the report from AX, Its showing the below error:

Report design Rep_custInvoice.Report not found in AOT.

But I can see the report in AOT and i am able to deploy the report without any error

when I open the report in visual studio, i am facing the below error

**The Item “SSRS reports\Reports\reportname” does not exist in the repository.**It may have been moved,renamed or deleted.
Thanks and Regards,
Nagesha C V

Hi Nagesha,

  1. Plz check the Menu Item properties are correct.

  2. Track by keeping a breakpoint to Info.add()

Thanks shiva for your quick reply,

The Report menu properties seems good.(It was working fine before adding to the VCS).