NoOfDecimals on Forms

We stock inventory out 4 decimal places, 1.0000.

I see that the database holds values properly, such as 1.5683 while in the form it displays as 1.57 on hand. When trying to move or adjust out, our users receive an error that 1.57 cannot be moved because only 1.57 are available. Obviously, this kind of error is difficult for them to discern.

If however they type in 1.5683 it will adjust or move perfectly. We have found that certain fields have a property called NoOfDecimals. If we put this out to 4, instead of Auto, it will display values correctly to our users and let them perform their required operations successfully.

We are curious what setting this ‘Auto’ pulls from, as it does not seem to automatically determine the length of precision for any particular value.

Thanks as always daxers!


NoOfDecimals “Auto” is determined by the NoOfDecimals property of the parent EDT your EDT is extended from, going up the chain. The granddaddy EDT in question should be Qty. But since the NoOfDecimals is very rarely changed out of the basic settings, they are usually all set to Auto.

And in this case it’s the regional options of the server (Control panel >> Regional and language options >> Customize this format > No. of digits after decimal) that determine how many decimals Auto really is. Usually two.

Mr. Salonen,

Thank you for the thorough response. I had assumed it was derived from a missed configuration setting, but it appears to be showing off the object oriented nature that is AX :slight_smile:

I have found in other personal blogs etc., that despite changing the Qty EDT to a different value, 2 decimals are always displayed in an infolog. Is this behavior also based on a global setting?



no prob. I had actually researched that thing for a work problem a few months earlier and had the email saved :slight_smile:

Unfortunately as for the infolog I have no idea. Sounds odd and I’d experiment on the server regional options to see if that had any effect.


We might end up converting specific messages in the info log to strings simply to display exactly what is necessary to the users. Thanks for your help on this one!