Non Stocked Item

Hi I need to create a Production BOM that includes a raw material and basically a non stocked item. However the end user doesnt have routings or resources… Any ides. Cheers Fleur

Hi Fleur You could always add a line to the production BOM of a blank type and then populate the instruction/non-stocked item in the description (you will not be able to use the quantity field). Probably the best I can do without more detail on the requirements and circumstances. By the way I am impressed that a girl as young as yourself would a) Have a job as an IT Consultant. b) Ask questions like this. A patronising well done is in order [:D]

Hi! Have same problem! Customer has no Routing in company but we want to set up something for easy subcontracting (automatic order creation for job). Standard solution for subcontracting is much to complicated and heavy to handle. I also thought of using Non stocked item but they cannot be used in BOM. That would be simple solution if I could get that work. Anybody has any idea [?]

Hi Matt By non-stocked I was referrring to an epherial concept rahter than the Navision non-stocked item, so essentially you typr the process directly onto the BOM. I would however not recommend this due to costing issues, tracking, invoice matching etc, I suggest if you do not want to follow the routing line and manage the sub-contracting in this manner that you have the system modified for your needs. Sorry [:D]

hi Fleur and Matt! I am ble to create the BOM with the NON stock item ,I don’t find any problem.I didn’t understand your actual problem.can you elaborate? vangala