Non-Stock VS Regular Items

Is it possible to keep non-stock items from becoming regular items, even though they have been sold? Or is there some other way of addressing the following issue? A large percentage of our sales come from non-stock items, (50 - 70% on any given month). Many of these items are custom or non-standard and will never be purchased again. Some may be sold again, but will never generate enough sales to ever become a regular stocking item. The problem I am having with Navision is that as soon as the item is used in a quotation or sales order,it becomes a “regular” item. I always thought the two types of items were “Non-Stock” and “Stock”, not “Non-Stock” and “Items with some sort of transaction history”. I want to be able to keep my “Stock” items seperate from my “Non-Stock” items so that when our inside sales people look for a stock item in the computer, they only see stock item numbers - not every item we ever sold or quoted. As a separate matter, is it possible to delete items? We sell many items that are custom and will never ever be sold again. We know when we are entering the sales line that the item number will neve be used again. It is bad enough that these items clutter up our non-stock table, but as soon as they are sold the clutter up our item table as well. I wouold like to be able to delete these items. By the way, I have spoken to our NSC about this. I have been told to use filters on the item table and that items can not be deleted once there are transactions. I am hoping this is not the final answer.

Hi, First at all you can delete Item if you do not have open transactions it this fiscal year. But it is easer to create one Item and change name when you create new Sales Order. You can use Drop Shipment function or you can ask you solution center to create function that will copy Sales Order to Purchase Order and reserve one to the other. This function is available in the Advanced Distribution database. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

Using one Item No and Drop shipments, for the non-stock items would be the way I would go to. As you are using NAD you can use a customer specific cross reference No. to identify the different non stock product code for searching later. David Cox MindSource (UK) Limited Navision Solutions Partner Email: Web: Edited by - David Cox on 2001 Apr 13 11:28:39

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Parker, as you have found, the NAD non-stock item is a bit of a misnomer. They would be better named “items that are not real items … yet!”. Cheers, John