Non-Editable Form Dimension Values

Hi All,

I’m opening the form Dimension Values and select the field Code from another Form Control, in Nav 5.0 SP1.

I want that at the time of selection Code from the form (Dimension Values ) should be non-editable .

How Can I do ??

Thanks with regards.

Hi Subrata,

You will need to give a more detailed example of what you want to do. Is it as easy as setting the code control property EDITABLE to FALSE?



Dear DeveT,

Thanks for your reply…[:)]

Dimension Values is a base form in Navision.

And Its form property is editable (true) in base Navision.

I have stored some data from here.

And I can store/enter more data from here( Financial Management ----> Dimensions ---->Dimension -----> Dimension Values) also.

I have done some customization in my customized form XYZ.

Suppose Form XYZ has some control, which lookups the Form Dimension Values and select the data from it.

I want that when form Dimension Values is opend via my customization it should be non editable.