No Warehouse Receipt Lines created

After creating a PO I’m trying to do a receipt. I go to Warehouse - Receipts, “Function” and “Get source doucment”. Pick the PO and hit OK. Error message:
“There are no Warehouse Receipt Lines created”.

How are these lines created?

Seems you have already created warehouse receipt lines for this PO, using following steps:

  1. In PO, go to Functions >> Create Warehouse Receipts.

You can check this by selecting that particular PO >>Order>> Whse. Receipt Lines.

Functions - Create Warehouse Receipts gives teh following error message:

“There are no Warehouse Receipt Lines created”.

The PO consists of one line.

That is what I said, you will get this error if you have already created Whse. Receipt Line.

On PO>> Order>> Whse. Receipt Lines then Lines>> Show Whse. Document. Check and you will find out your Receipt form, then press F11, and post it.

Hi again Dhan!

I do PO > Ordre > Whse. Receipt Lines

I get no lines. And the button “Line” is greyed out…

Check the warehouse setup for that location…and make sure that u have selected that location for that warehouse employee…

Thanks! I have been using NAV for almost a year and have had this problem every now and then…good to know what is causing it and how to fix it!