No totals for invoiced sales orders

I do not see any total against all the INVOICED SOs. Please advise.

Is there any parameter control that’s inactive and clearing total?

Can you also show us the lines of the sales order with amounts?

Hi Kranthi - Please see below.

OK, it only displays the amount that is not invoiced. (It is actually not considering the invoiced lines in the code)…/hh271489.aspx
If you want to see the totals of the invoiced lines, go to the invoice journal and click on the totals.

Its a development / code issue. It looks we cannot fix through setup and parameter?

SO print is fine and showing the total.

It is not a code issue.

The totals were meant to show the amount that is not invoiced. This is how it has been designed.

The below is from documentation in Technet,

You can use the View totals page to view various totals for a specific sales order, such as the total weight of the items, and total discounts, taxes, and miscellaneous charges, and invoice amounts. The totals only display the remaining amount that is not invoiced. If a sales order is fully invoiced, then the total is zero.

Thanks Kranthi