No. Series not updating

We are experiencing a problem with the No. Series not updating the last number used, primarily on sales orders. The users receive a message saying the number has already been used. We have to manually update the No. Series before the users can create a new sales order. Is there a fix to this problem?

we had the same problem a few months ago. We never found out why. Our NSC could not help us. We could never simultate the error. Now we don’t have this problem anymore, so we think it was due to wrong user manipulation. Now that the users have some more experience with NF, the problems seems solved.

We have this problem from time to time, with approx 12 people creating SOs at any given time. (I wondered whether it might be a problem if two or more people try to grab a number simultaneously.) I created a function which is accessible off a menu, so that anyone can get past the problem if I’m not around: SRSetup.GET; Str := STRSUBSTNO( ‘No. Series %1 has been incremented to %2.’, SRSetup.“Order Nos.”, NoSeriesMgmt.GetNextNo( SRSetup.“Order Nos.”, TODAY, TRUE )); MESSAGE( Str ); EXIT; Here’s the vars: Name DataType Subtype Length ----------------------------------------------------------------------- NoSeriesMgmt Codeunit NoSeriesManagement SRSetup Record Sales & Receivables Setup

We have seen this problem several times in both high and low use installations. In all cases, they were traced to a network equipment problem by outside network consultants. In two cases, the problem came for network cards that had some type of sporadic problem that created some type of packet issue. In the other case, it was the same type of problem, but on a switch. When the equipment was replaced, the problem went away. Allen Beck President Beck Consulting Alameda, CA & Bellevue, WA 800-456-8474

Ok, I know the problem and how an end user with the correct permissions can resolve this (in most cases). If it occurs then go to the No. series you are having a problem with and via “General Ledger (main menu)”, “Setup”, “No. series”. Once you have the correct No. series highlighted click on its starting no. field and click the down arrow. From here you will see all the incrementation information etc. There is a field here called “Last No. Used”, it should be the same no. as the one you have got in the error message. Simply increment this no. by one and you should be ok. Hopefully this will help in most cases Anthony Hemy