No.Series for Different Users

Hi, Is it possible to have different No. Series for different users or different type of sale like cash sale,cheque,credit card sale or different users on different counters. and any idea about the shortkeys for Main to sub form and subform to main form and switch on different tabs like in sales document from General tab to Invoicing tab

Hi Ajay, I am having the list of some shortkeys(Like to move on different TAB pages etc. ).It is ok to send you on this email id or send me the email id.I will forward it to you.

Hi Ajay, To Move from Sub FOrm to Main Form Use CTRL and Arrow. To Move between Tabs Use CTRL and Page up or Page down To Move Between Windows Use CTRL Tab Create a Default No. series and then make No. Series Relationships. When the user inserts a New Record. Ask him to CLick on the Button with … next to No. to select the RIght No. Series. ALthough you can customise this function, this is a way to do it without any customisation.

Thanks Prashanth, I have customised the no. series.