No Series Error

We have an intermittent problem with the Sales Order No Series, every couple of months the number doesn’t increase when you insert a new sales header, which locks the Sales Order system. We run ver 2.01 from 3 sites via Citrix and are processing up to 1500 orders a day, there doesn’t seem to be any Network problems or any other problems with other No Series. Any Ideas where the problem maybe?

Hi, Check the last number used and the increment by field in the number series lines…maybe this has been exhausted. Alternatively check the number series relationships and the default activation for the sales order number series. It should help!! Rohith Kamath Senior Consultant The Naviworld Group

Hi, I saw this problem many times. I think this is Navision Bug. it heppens when two users try to create sales order at the same time (direct the same time). I have this problem about once a month for clients with more than 1000 orders perday. Does anybody has solution for this? Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

No real solution… but I have seen it. The fix is just to update the no. series record for the last value. I have also seen it in tables that use no. series other than sales. Craig Bradney Technical Manager Navision Solutions & Services, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

I have to agree with Valentin, this does indeed occur when two users try to create sales order at the same time. I have never been able to get to the bottom of this problem, but it have seen it occur in versions 1.30 and upwards. _________________________ Wendy O’Connor Practice Leader CSB Systems Calgary, Alberta T2R 1L9 T:(403) 233-2955 x 224 F:(403) 233-2957

Solution: Give personal Sales Order Nos for every user. Business Applications Programmer Sertified Navision Developer SIA “Sintegra” Latvia

The problem is a Navision bug which can occur on any table using a Number Series. I’ve mostly seen it happen when two users get the next number but neither have actually inserted the record into the table. There is a fairly simple hack to get around this problem…When you insert a Sales Order using a generated Number, check if that key already exists…if it does increment the Number Series and get the next Number. Chris Krantz NCSD,NCSQL,MCSD,MCSE Microforum Inc. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Yes we see this problem at random in Sales Orders, Sales Credit Memos and Purchase Orders. I concur that it is a general bug in any table insert where a number series is involved. My observation is that multiuser locking generally within Navision is sadly and desperately in need of overhaul.

Well I am glad that at least it was not me going mad :slight_smile: I would love to hear from anyone that has managed to fix the problem or could confirm that we are just stuck with the problem until the multiuser locking within Navision has been overhauled. _________________________ Wendy O’Connor - co moderator Attain/Financials - End User Questions NOLUG