No. Series does not exist

To All NAV Expert

I would like to ask assistance from you regarding this error " No. series does not exist" upon posting purchase invoice.

I don’t know why this error come up.

Did you delete any No. Series code from No.Series table?

What value you have in Posted Invoice Nos. of Purchases & Payables Setup?

Hi Mohana,

I didn’t delete any no. series code from no. series table.

I’ used value for Purchase Invoice - APV with relationship while posted invoice number I used POST-APV.

Please advise.

Do you have both POST-APV and APV available in No.Series table at present?

also check whether you have Receiving No. Series,Posting No. Series and No. Series values in Purchase Invoice document which you are posting…

Yes, as I check the table I have those series POST APV & APV.

With regards the receiving series no. I used POST-RR for posted receipt nos. under purchases & payable set up, RR for whse. receipt no. & WHP-RR for posted whse. receipt.

Fyi: I’ve been used the GoLive tool to delete transactions but as I create another company w/ same database still it has the same error “No. series code does not exist” upon posting purchase invoice.

As you have posted in End-User forum,can you contact your partner?

Apology, I thought it was qualified under end user forum since I’ll just test the system using company transactions. By the way, just to let you know I was implementing the system not only as end user.

Kindly check Location card whether your set no series over there.

I mean if your selecting location code on Purchase order then it may not find no series attached there.