No. Series assignment per user

Hi Experts

I would like to ask if there is a provision for assigning different no series per user specifically for Purchase Receipt?

Would really appreciate your suggested solution.

Thanks a lot.


you would have to do some customization for that, which should not be too difficult (e.g. add a field for User in the Item Series and modify the process, when the number is assigned).

On the other hand, the I would ask, why you would need that. Because depending on what you want to do, a number series might not be the best way. For example, if you want to be able to filter or track what user created / modified a Purchase Receipt, then I would suggest, that you (or your Solution Center) add a field for keeping the User-ID (updated with the User ID, when inserting and/or modifying a record).

In fact there is a User Id field on the Purchase Receipt documents.


Thank you for your reply. The reason why I need to assign number series per user is actually the company compiled a different number series per department particularly on Purchase Receipt. Each department has different Receiving No series or the Purchase Receipt No. That’s why Im looking if it is possible on a per user number series. Or on the other way around, can you suggest other option how to define different no series per department? There are different department that receives the item and this users belong to those department. I have setup a global dimension for department. Do you think there’s a provision for this? Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.



if you need a different Numbering series when posting the receipt by department, then you will have to make a modification in the program, as far as I know.

You will have to assign a number series to a user (or to a department and then assign the user to the department), and change the “Receiving No. Series” in the Purchase order or Purchase invoice from the default No. Series to that user No. Series when posting the Purchase Receipt. So this should not be a very big undertaking.

If the company needs the different No. Series primarily for Filtering purposes (e.g. what department has received which items or Purch. Receipts), then I would most probably add a field for the department in the Purch. Receipt and fill that field when posting.