No. Printed not updating

Need help in modifying report. In Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic field menu., there is a No. Printed., I put it in report., but it’s not updating in some reports. it only updates in posted reports, PO and SO. I just did the same thing.,

Can you explain what did you do and where did you do?

What I did is

  1. Open Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic

  2. Under Financial Management > I open the Payables > Credit Memo

  3. CTRL+F2 > from field menu > i got the field No. Printed

  4. I put it in form designer under general tab

  5. ESC > compiled > then i went to the section designer

  6. I put the No. printed > complied.

but when I do test printing, it’s not updating.

The Code executing in other reports is not availabel in Test Reports…

Add this code in Test report and try

PurchCrMemoCountPrinted.RUN(“Purch. Cr. Memo Hdr.”);

it’s not indicated in global. what datatype is this? PurchCrMemoCountPrinted

Codeunit - 320