No permission to run new code unit

NAV 2013

  • I have added a new code unit 50000.
  • I can run NAV RTC using developers licence without problems
  • When I switch to the client licence, the NAV RTC says I do not have execute permission for code unit 5000
  • My user permissions is set to SUPER
  • The client licence has the following line for code units:
    • 8100 Codeunits Quantity:20 Included:20 Purchased:0

Is it the license or do I need to do something with permissions?


Dave K

(I meant to say “code Unit 50000” not 5000)


You need to also check which Codeunit ID’s are assigned to Customer License.

Like they can be from 60000 to 60019 etc…

Hi Mohana, thanks for your reply.

I have logged into Partner source, and VOICE. I went to My customers.

I can not find anywhere that allows me to set the code unit range. Has the voice site changed?

Where do I change this range?


Dave K.

Found it. Sorted Thanks.

  • I went to the Customer License setup
  • Clicked on the Change link for the Code unit line
  • Clicked New
  • Added ion the range
  • Then I went to Request Licence Keys
  • Then I clicked on the Download Current License/Registration Key button
  • I could then use this new license key file and now it works.

Dave K.

4th point should read “Added in the range”

(I’m using a different keyboard) :slight_smile:

Good to here.