NF service stops

We have problem with NF server. The service of NF simply stops with no reason. In first case it stops without any message or log entry. In second case there is Dr. Watson message: SERVER.EXE Exception: access violation (0xc0000005), Address: 0x004194be And entries in Windows NT log file: 1. Event ID: 109 Error 18 in module 244, SERVER.C (380) 2. Event ID: 109 Error 1233 in module 19, SERVER.C(467) We changed NT machine with no effect. Had anybody the same or similar problem?

Hi, does you also have over 90% of the system time used by the server process ? Do you run another application on the same machine ? We have something similar here. What we found out was that these problems occour from bad network performance; server lost connection to one client. Check the network card and connection of the server. In the worst case it is a damaged network card in a client. regards Volker

Here’s some information for you. As pointed out this usually refers to a network problem. Internal Error 18 in Module 244 (244-18): 244-18 is ECONNRESET, The host (server in this case) has closed the connection. The server is not responding anymore (TCP/IP error ECONNRESET). The error indicates that there is a problem with the client connecting with the server using TCP/IP. The only recommendation I found was that they should make sure they have Service Pack 3 installed. Are there any errors in the event log on the server? Try the following: 1. Modify the TCP port that the Navision server is using. This is done by modifing the \winnt\system32\drivers\etc\services file. This file will also need to be modified on the client computer as well. 2. Run NetTest. This utility may help you determine if the is a network or hardware problem. 3. If the above recommendation doesn’t work then give me more specifics on the client and server hardware. The errors they get could also be a symptom of hardware defects on the network. (network card, wrong cables, missing terminators) Here are some questions for you to answer: 1. Is is possible to ping the server? 2. Have any changes been made recently to the hosts file? 3. Have any service packs been installed recently? 4. How many computers is this happening on? IF 1: You are able to ping the server 2: There have not been any modifications to the hosts and services file. 3: No service packs have been installed, Current service pack is 4 (or better) 4: The error is appearing in the NT log on the server THEN-- You need to first look in the log and see if the error started occuring when they added another computer to the network. If they can’t tell then what they need to do is to start by eliminating which computer more than likely has a bad network card. There are two ways to do this: Method 1 (Fast approach) 1. Shut down half of the computers on the network 2. Check to see if the error is still occuring If so then repeat the process otherwise turn the first group of computers back on and start the process over with the other half of the network. Basically, you are simply eliminating the computers until you find the one that is causing the error. If you don’t find one then the problem may be caused by the card in the server or by a problem with the hub. Method 2 (Slow approach) 1. Shut down one computer 2. Check to see if the error still occurs If the problem still occurs then turn the first computer back on and repeat this process with the next computer until the error is found. Note: Usually there is someone who complains of network problems or wierd things happening during the day - say a slow connection or some error popping up. If so, then start by replacing the network card on that computer (or other connected device). I hope this helps you.

We had similar problems a year or two ago. In our case we had to change our client network cards. Now we use 3COM (the best). The problem went away.

mctester, Why are you suggesting a change to the TCP port used for Navision? What has this to do with the problem? Are you suggesting some other service is trying to use the Navision port? Or that somehow a “port” could go bad? It is very interesting advice and I’m curious about how you arrived at it. Jim Hollcraft aka Skater Unauthorized Navision News Link Edited by - Jim Hollcraft on 5/29/00 11:38:56 PM