NF and access DB

Hi, I use NF2.00a and will integrated a date which is converted by a Acces DB to Navision. Is this possible Thanks, Coen

Yes If I understand your question correctly, then you are asking if it’s possible to transfer data to/from MS Access. You can Transfer data betweeen Microsoft Access and Navision Financials if you obtain the newest ODBC Driver from Navision Software. Best Regards Palle Arentoft, Team Manager Aston Naviteam A/S Denmark Email :

I thought Coen was asking about dates? But anyway. You can also access Access databases from Navision using either an ActiveX (OCX control) or using a automation server for Access. If you are updating dates in Navision from Access with ODBC, then you must use Navision’s special date format i.e. d’1999-31-12’. ============ Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group