Newbie to Axapta Career


I am working as a Java programmer and recently I find my interest towards Microsoft ERP Axapta Technical,

I don’t have much idea about Axapta career, please let me know, howz the US MS ERP Career in Axapta technical, came to know MS Axapta has a new release in third quarter of this year

And let me know, how should I start learning, I mean what are the basic recommended books.

Do you have access to the application? Normally there is a VM that you can download from partnersource, but for this as well you need authentication.

You can find the book Inside Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2009 a good source. After that is just practice and practice.

Thank You Frabicio for your quick reply,

Can you tell me, Howz the job market for Axapta in United states becoz in Dice I see very few postings, I don’t know. I am already working, I wanna learn this stuff and make a move in to Axapta Career

Plz give me suggestions and guide me,

And plz if you can, give me sources or links for the software for practising and the book to follow on,

thanks in advance guys

You can get the book at: You can also get the training material from Microsoft Dynamics partner source, I don’t know if you can find them out in the web. Fabricio

Thank You, Fabricio !!