Newbie on Nav.. Please Help

Where will i start the NAV? what should i learn?

what is your concerned?

functional or developer?


what should i learn first?

Thanks mate!

Hello Paul,

I can recommend you 1 Microsoft Manual (Application Designer’s guide w1wadg.pdf ) & two books:

and another one is by “Microsoft Dynamics NAV-2009 Application Design” Mark Brummel

read Introduction To Microsoft Navision Development I − C/SIDE, and II, ask your company to provide this training material.
read w1w1adg.pdf , which is application designer’s guide.
read a lot of C/SIDE help in NAV

Hi paul,

If your a partner with MS then you could get the User manual and start practise with that…Its easy and and will give you a strong base[:)]

All the best[Y]

Thank you for your suggestions!

i’m using NAV 5.1 LSR

you are a developer in LS retail?

Are you an end user for NAV LSR 5.1 who now wants to be a consultant???

What you are exactly??