Newbee - 2012r1 SSRS Nested Tablix Help

Hi Guys

I am fairly new to AX and am trying to develop an SSRS report in AX 2012R1+VS2010 which prints picking list labels (3.5in x 1.5in). My project uses an AOT query for it’s dataset.

As part of the report, since my label is small and one of my fields is up to 30 characters I am trying to embed a tablix within a tablix so that for each label I have the following (sorry about the bad ASCII drawing)

1 | Line No | Item ID |
2 | [Position] | [Item ID] |
3a | Qty | Bin | Batch | Serial No | } - Inner Tablix
3b | [consumption] | [Location] | [ Batch ] | [ SerialNo] | }

So for each row of the dataset I am trying to achieve , rows 1 & 2 is the line number and the Item ID in the outer tablix and then rows 3a and 3b are the additional items from the same row of the dataset but in a sub-tablix.

I am guessing that this is possible but I keep hitting the error for my nested tablix

“The Tablix ‘Tablix x’ has a detail member with inner members. Detail members can only contain static inner members”

Would anybody please be able to tell me if I am able to achieve what I want to do, and also how to get past the error.

Thanks in advance


To answer my own question (for the purposes of other people searching for this question).

I have answered this with a single tablix and inserted a second row within the same grouping. Now my table looks exacltly as above with a 4 x 4 table but on rows 1 and 2 I have merged the cells together to create a large the ItemId cell.

Since all rows are part of the same group the table functions correctly rows 3a and 3b now display fields from the same row of the dataset.

The important stage was to add a new row as part of the group