New User.....

Hi i have just started to use Nav2013 and i have the below questions.

  1. How i can import sales prices from .csv/.xls to Nav 2013

  2. how i can customize a report (invoice/statement etc) layout by inserting logo

thanks in Advance

Welcome To DUG!!!

You can use XMLport to import the data from .CSV/Excel

You need to understand the report design in NAV 2013.

1.You can also use Rapidstart services.

An easier way would be using Rapid Start > Configuration Package.

Setup some samples in Customer Price.

Export the table to Excel using Configuration Package and look at the layout.

Using the same format, input your data here, then import back.

Sorry missed out another question. You must use Development Environment to locate that report, then open it using ‘layout’, then you can add a picture to the report. You must have the Visual Studio installed, I don’t know what version that is called as…