New user, old questions?


I apologize if I’m asking more of the same or if I’ve posted in the wrong area. I’ve recently accepted a position within my company that has me working directly with Navision (US 3.60.A according to the about screen). I don’t have much experience with the software, and it appears that most departments have just enough training with it to get by. I’m pretty sure the software can do a good number more things than we use it for, and can probably do a lot of the things we currently do a lot cleaner than we currently do them. I’m hoping to edjucate myself a bit to better perform my job role and maybe build up a little extra job security. On to my pretty basic questions…

1.) Units of Measure. The last guy who had this position put a number of items that are gotten on spools or come in a liquid/gel form in the system with a Base UoM of a Spool or a Can, and then put a fractional quantity (i.e. 0.1) on the BOM. Production tells me they end up getting a full spool or can per finished good. I’m assuming this means that a BOM can’t call for a fraction of a UoM? Assuming that is correct…

I want to reset the liquid item with a Base UoM of a gram (we use a gram per finished good). I’ll keep the Can UoM, but change the quantity to 200 (the number of grams in a can) and use that UoM for purchasing and put away. Does that sound right?

2.) Common item number. If item #1007500 is able to be used in place of item #1000500, and I set the common item number on #1000500 to “1007500”… will that automatically pick item #1007500 if there is insufficient stock of item #1000500? I don’t have to do anything else on the BOM? Purchasing is telling me it works that way. I just want to be sure.

3.) If production doesn’t want to build more than 10 of a finished good at one time (they want the item to break out automatically into orders of 10 when production orders are generated), is that as simple as setting the maximum order quantity to 10?

right now I don’t have at hand a 3.60 database version (I had to restore it). So I will try to answer based in 4.0 SP3.

1 - I don’t see any problem to use fractional UM. I don’t remember if there is any problem related to Manufacturing in that version. Trying changing base UM can lead to creating a new Item card.

2,3 - These points seem to be custom development. Almost every Navision implementation have customizations to adapt Navision to company business processes. For example Navision don’t have automatic item replacement in case of out of stock.

Just to complete point 3. You have the option to define minimum order size using Lot size. You can also produce orders and closed Manufacturing orders without make output of all items.