New object id on add-on solutions

Hi! I have a problem regarding an add-on solution and my lisence. My lisence does not allow this object id range. I have an another free range that I want to use without expanding my lisence. The problem is giving the objects new id-numbers. All relations with other forms, tables etc. generates new problems. How kan I import an Add-on solution with a new object id range? (PS: I use Navision Financials 2.60)

I assume this is a question rather than an event? [Oops!] The basic answer is that you will need to get your license changed to access objects for that add-on. This is done so that the owners of the add-on have some control over their objects (ie stop people from copying the add-on into their own range to avoid paying for it [;)])

Chris, I think you’re right. That’s why this topic has been closed. Vibece, If still needed then you should resubmit the question.