New NAV2013 Setup, Server Hardware Specs. Requirements/Recommendations

We’ve been given a pretty hefty allowance for a few new servers. Does anyone have any recommended servers? any servers to stay away from? Regrets? Tips?

All comments are appreciated! The requirements doc is verrrrry vague in its specs.


Steve L.

Hi, your question is pretty vague.

  • Are you referring to SQL server or NAV server?

  • How many users and, especially, how many transactions per day?

  • Are we talking about physical or physical server?

  • Generally the main parameters are CPU (more relevant in NAV 2013 than in previous releases), RAM and disk stripe.

Since there is no official best practise documentation (just minimal requirements and I usually go twice than minimum reccomendations), here’s a link useful to perform an initial research:

If you have a high number of users my suggestion anyway is to hire a technical consultant to have qualified support to choose the proper server configuration.